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roof replacementDid you know that the average lifespan of a roof is around 20 years? If your roof is getting old, it is time to start planning for your roof replacement. Your roof is one of the most essential features of your house and protects everything underneath it. Having an old roof that is starting to break down can be very dangerous for you and your home. You want to ensure to schedule your roofing services before an issue arises. 

Replacing a roof can be very time-consuming, so you want to avoid any delays that can pop up depending on the season you decide to have maintenance done. Weather, temperatures, supply chain delays, and roofing contractors‘ availability are all factors that can affect your ability to get your roof fixed on a timely schedule. While our expert technicians and elite roofing services can get the job done any time of the year, each season has unique advantages and disadvantages to replacing a roof.

Spring Roof Replacement:

Pros: Springtime provides ideal working conditions with typically mild and dry weather. Minimal moisture in the air and manageable heat are usually preferable for roofing contractors. Spring is typically one of the best times of the year for weather.

Cons: Due to the ideal weather conditions, spring is the most popular roofing replacement season. Roofing companies have less availability during this busy season. Another downside is while “April showers bring May flowers,” they also bring roofing repair delays. 

If you want to schedule your roofing project for the spring, it is best to plan ahead and contact your roofing contractor as soon as possible. Schedule for May and June to avoid the frequent rain in early spring.

Summer Roof Replacement:

Pros: Early summer is a great time to repair or replace a roof. The busy rush in spring is dying down, and there is typically less rain than in the spring. Temperatures are still cool enough in early spring for the workers.

Cons: During midsummer and late summer, temperatures and humidity continue to rise and in some parts of the country, can reach uncomfortable or dangerous levels. Workers will need to take more breaks, and in extreme cases, it can become too hot to work. Shingles are also less sturdy when they are set in extreme temperatures. Summer is a great time to replace or repair your roof, but if temperatures get too high, it could result in delays. 

Fall Roof Replacement:

Pros: The weather in the fall is very similar to the spring. Once the heat begins to break, days are cooler and dry. Fall is an ideal time to set shingles and replace roofs before the harsh weather of winter. 

Cons: Just like spring, the fall season typically is extremely busy with limited availability. Once the temperature cools off from summer, people rush to complete projects before the winter weather comes.

Fall and spring are typically considered the best time to replace your roof. Weather conditions and temperatures are ideal for exterior work. 

Winter Roof Replacement:

Pros: You might assume there are no pros to replacing your roof in the winter. Well, the one pro is that most people think that too. So there is typically a ton of availability. From contractor scheduling to supply chain lead times, your job can typically get done faster than in other seasons.

Cons: The biggest con is expectedly the harsh weather. Asphalt shingles will not set in temperatures below 50 degrees. Ice, snow, sleet, and frost can damage the durability of roofs during installation. 

While severe weather can cause delays and issues with roofing installation, if you can find a stretch of nice weather, the availability is much higher. 

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Romero Roofing & Siding has created a business based on customer satisfaction since 2003. No matter what time of year you need your roof repaired or replaced, we can confidently say that we are the best choice for all your roof installation and replacement services. Our quality and your satisfaction are always guaranteed with Romero Roofing & Service, so give us a call in any season!

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