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At Romero Roofing, we understand your Coatesville home or business is one of the most important investments you will ever make, and you want to protect it for years to come. Your roofing system is one of the most critical elements, shielding you from the outside weather. If you are looking for a reliable company to perform metal roof repairs, installation, or an inspection, the contractors at Romero Roofing & Siding can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We offer metal roofing panels from Everlast Metals for residential and commercial buildings. 

The Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Coatesville Home

Metal roofs were once primarily used for only commercial structures, but in today’s world, they’re the fastest-growing roofing option for both commercial and residential buildings. If you’re considering a new roof for your home or business in Coatesville, it might be worth thinking about something besides typical asphalt shingles. Not only do they deliver beauty, longevity, and energy efficiency, but they also hold up quite well in severe weather. Below we highlight some of the many reasons why a metal roof is an advantageous option for your home or commercial business. 

Add Value

Installing a metal roof may come with more of an upfront cost, but it’s easier to justify when you consider the value they add to your property. In fact, a metal roof can increase your home or business’s value from about one to six percent!


Compared to the more traditional style asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs have a much longer lifespan. When properly installed and maintained, a metal roof can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years.


Some metal roofing panels only weigh up to 1.6 pounds! But don’t let that fool you; metal roofing is still extremely durable. 

Easy Installation

Because metal roofing panels are so lightweight, it makes them easier to install. Most metal panels come in multiple singles sections or easy-to-handle 12 to 36-inch sections. 

Energy Efficient 

Metal roofs are an ideal choice for homeowners because of their energy efficiency. If you’re looking to save some money on your monthly utility bills, one study found that metal roofs offer a 40% reduction in energy costs in the summer months and a 15% reduction in the winter.

Impact, Fire, Moss, and Fungus Proof

During a bout of severe weather, it’s not uncommon for asphalt shingles to fly off, crack, or break due to hind winds or hail. Asphalt is also prone to mold and fungus growth. With a metal roof, your home can withstand many conditions (even fire!), and you don’t have to worry about mildew, moss, or fungus growth. 

Metal Roofing Services by Romero Roofing & Siding

The roof over your head ensures your safety and is the foundation of a good home. If you’re looking for superior roofing contractors to install a metal roof on your Coatesville property, contact the experts at Romero Roofing & Siding today! Our team has years of experience in metal roof repair, installation, and inspections. Our high-quality systems and materials are guaranteed to withstand the harshest conditions for years to come. If you’re ready to receive these benefits and more, get started on your roofing project with Romero Roofing & Siding today. Contact our professionals at 610-487-0262, and don’t forget to ask about our financing options!